Symantec Technology Day 2011

Symantec Technology Day 2011


To introduce all Symantec news on data protection and management in physical, cloud and virtual environments to the trade press.

To promote the event.


  • To build up expectations and anticipation for the event in the preceding days and introduction of Symantec products news during the event, with the involvement of attending journalists
  • Promotion of the latest releases via press releases to non-attending journalists
  • To highlight product news post-event, providing the trade press with demo and trial versions


  • Set-up of a preview interview on the news introduced at Technology Day
  • Delivery of invitation to journalists
  • Set-up of a quiz using an iPad to involve the attending press
  • Set-up of on-site interviews
  • Set-up of product trials


1 preview interview on with an invitation to attend the event, 13 attending journalists, 16 features published during the event period and the subsequent week, 7 interviews in total, 2 product trials managed 20 days after the event.