Star PR

Star PR


  • To draw media attention to the new line of Hasbro products
  • To ensure distinct visibility of the Hasbro Brand, differentiating it from other sponsors of the "Star Wars III" movie in the eyes of the core target


Leverage on the fame of Star Wars movie to design outdoor and indoor themed events.


  • STAR WARS DAY for resellers, with invitations and post-event videos
  • Media Relations with different story angles, media lists and press releases
  • Star Wars Episode III movie preview for the media, “Jedi Training” with treasure hunt at Parco Sempione
  • Opening of the Star Wars art show at the Triennale museum in Milan
  • Contest with Topolino and other magazines (cinema and kids)


  • 54 features published on National media in 3 months (of which, 5 TV and 16 Web)
  • 65% of features received a “top level” qualitative appreciation
  • More than 42 million contacts generated through media relations
  • About 150 Hasbro star swords distributed to the media at Triennale
  • About 150 media were contacted via media relations