Internal communications planning

Internal communications planning


An audit on internal communications was deemed fit to:

  • Map and prioritize issues (discontent factors) and people’s expectations
  • Establish a starting point for benchmarking in the future
  • Identify the main “threats” to be countered with positive actions
  • Evaluate existing tools verifying the effective levels of internal appreciation
  • Test the approval of the new internal communications tools (“would you like”)


Three audit modes were contemporarily adopted:

  1. Preliminary audit with personal interviews with key managers
  2. Web-based questionnaire for all those with access to a PC
  3. Paper questionnaire for all those without access to a PC


  • Drafting of questionnaire for preliminary audit on key managers
  • One-to-one interviews with key managers
  • Processing of results for preparation of the general questionnaire
  • Customization of the general audit questionnaire for corporate population
  • Mini-site set up for electronic results processing
  • Data gathering
  • Results follow-up


  • Preliminary audit: one-to-one interviews with 17 key staff managers (February/March 2010)
  • Henkel internal communications audit performed across the entire corporate staff (MC, non-MC employees and blue collars) between July and September 2010. 695 employees attended the audit (191 MC, 309 non-MC and 195 blue collars), amounting to 53% of corporate staff in Italy
  • Results were reported according to corporate staff and factory layers (September 2010)