1 million fans, 1 million gifts

1 million fans, 1 million gifts


Celebrate reaching one million fans on the Italian Facebook page of KIKO Cosmetics with the community.


The promotion, lasting 1 month (14/03-14/04 2013), allowed all KIKO fans to download a personal coupon for a free nail lacquer (either online or in a KIKO store in Italy).
To obtain a coupon, users were asked to input their personal details (mandatory) and to give a profile of their appearance (optional).


Competence managed the Italian KIKO Cosmetics Facebook page during the promotion, moderating it, answering the questions of the fans and highlighting the misunderstandings and difficulties by acting as the mediator between the Client and the Customer Service.


  • In the coming days of the application’s activity, heavy moments of traffic were registered
  • The fanpage gained 800,000 new followers
  • The initiative led to a net increase in number of daily follower interactions (+350%), both on the KIKO Costemtics page and through private messages