Crisis Management for Cofely Italia

Crisis Management for Cofely Italia
Cofely Italia


To defend the reputation of Cofely Italy among clients, partners, the media and public opinion, both at a national and local level.


Over the years, Competence has undertaken, together with the Cofely Communications Department, an awareness campaign and preparation of the management for crisis communication management, taking off from the improvement of periphery-center communication processes, up to support of the crisis cells.


  • Daily monitoring and timely notice of articles which are critical of the company or incidents involving the company
  • Crisis Relations Training for the Top Management
  • Creation and management of a Crisis Committee
  • Consultancy and operative support in the definition of actions to be undertaken
  • Editing and delivery of documents on the company position (key messages, preventive/response press notes, Q&A, ally mapping, editing of the history of the crisis, interview and speaker preparation, press dossier)
  • Management of critical relations with the media/third parties and regular follow-up


Prevention of crisis cells: defence of the brand reputation promoting ‘the voice’ of Cofely to the media, clients/partners and public opinion; management and control of critical events through press/institutional actions.