Local integrated communications



Internal: to reinforce the relationship between the Cooperative Conad del Tirreno and its entrepreneurial (Tuscany, Lazio and Liguria).
External: to reinforce the brand reputation locally of Conad del Tirreno vs COOP.


“Shareholders at the Centre”: internal communications campaign with Conad del Tirreno as an Ambassador of local flavours and gourmet culture.


  • Ongoing local Media Relations and large scale distribution trade press
  • Crisis management (the price jungle)
  • Design of the Shareholders Convention “Great Together” (Corporate Image – Speakers)
  • Technical design and content editing for internal WEB TV test
  • Corporate video, flyer and press kit production.
  • Consultancy on new projects: Social Cooperatives and Renewable Energy
  • In-house communications training for the Conad del Tirreno Marketing Team