Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Team consists of Analysts, Community Managers, Graphic Designers and Account Managers who can run company pages and personal profiles in six languages.

What do our Social Media Managers do? They develop Marketing strategies and activities on social media through social listening activities, account management and social monitoring of results.

The goal is to improve the current visibility of the brand and content on social networks - such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter - and increase brand engagement for different audiences.

Strategic planning guides all SMM activities - both on social platforms and in the field of Digital PR - and contributes to building solid relationships with web Influencers.

Our Social Media Management activities include the conception and definition of periodical editorial plans – defining tone of voice, language and key messages, based on the client's objectives. For the drafting of editorial calendars, we offer day-by-day support for content moderation and interaction with communities, thanks to social policies, Q&As, and Nasty Question documents.

The campaign content (texts, videos and infographics) are conveyed to the target audience through publications in organic and Social Advertising campaigns with relative measurement of results.

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