Digital PR & Social Media

Competence relies on a team dedicated to Social Media Marketing made up of analysts, community managers and account managers, with national and international experience in various sectors.
The team studies Social Media Marketing strategies and follows their actualization in every phase: conversation monitoring, management of social accounts, results analyses.

Our approach begins with the study of the current perception of the brand on Social Media and is followed by planning all of the operative steps necessary to spread the influence of the brand among the various audiences. Good strategic planning guides all of the tactical actions both on the social platforms, in the wider field of Digital PR and in the relationships with Online Influencers.
The Social Media Management activity can be broken down into the conception and definition of editorial plans on a periodic basis, day-by-day support for the moderation of content and interaction with the community, the definition of policies and Q&A/Nasty Question documents.

On the editorial level, rather, in the definition of tone, language and messages to be used.