Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Management is divided into two large areas of activity: some actions and tools serve to prevent a crisis, while others are useful to manage a crisis that has already “exploded” on the media or over other key publics (bloggers, employees, politicians).
Our Crisis Management plan is composed of 3 macro-phases:

1 Analysis of critical situations and evaluation of the level of the issue
Key messages, processes/fluxes, crisis and public speaking training for spokespeople/team.

2 Monitoring and operative management of the crisis
Online alert in real time of new information and adoption of concrete actions/tools for the management of the issue: documents, communications, interviews, events.

3 Measuring of progress and results
Necessary intermediate analysis (check-up) to evaluate with the management/crisis team the evolution of the profile of images compared to the point of departure. In addition, a final analysis with qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the activities and the results obtained online/offline.