Strategic Consultancy
Media Relations and PR
Digital PR and Social Media
Crisis Communication
Internal Communication
Academy and Training
Events and Marketing Communication
Corporate Communication
Web Intelligence and Reputation Management
Community Relations

Strategic Consultancy


  • Integrated Communication Plans
  • Building and Supervision of Third-party Alliances
  • Co-marketing Ideas Conception and Management
  • Check-up of existing Communication Tools
  • Advisory Board Organisation
  • Positioning and Mission
  • Identification and Evaluation of Speaking Platforms and Sponsorships
  • Global Communication Consulting
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Media Relations & PR


  • Global Communication Consulting
  • Editing of Press Releases for the Launch of New Services/Products
  • Organisation of Media Events (Conferences, Briefings, Tours)
  • Editing of Press Kits (paper/multimedia)
  • Media Relations Strategies: Spokesperson, Key Messages and Story Angles
  • Media Coverage
  • Media Relations B2B
  • Media Coverage Evaluation (Quantitative/Qualitative Results Analysis)
  • Media Intelligence on Competitors
  • Media Alerts & Media Monitoring
  • Set up of Media Interviews with the Management
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Digital PR & Social Media

  • Scouting new social media platforms
  • Localization of social campaing
  • Blogger relations
  • Online conversations monitoring
  • Tripadvisor reviews managing
  • Online events (webinars, video-conference)
  • Advergame, online games and contest online
  • Social Media Management
  • Social editorial planning
  • Social Media Strategist Consulting
  • Online Influencers and stakeholders mapping
  • Corporate Blog and Website creation
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Crisis Communication


  • Identification of weaknesses to prevent crisis scenarios (Crisis Preparedness Plan)
  • Media/Bloggers Monitoring for Attack Alerts and Management
  • Strategy Definition and Update of Key Messages
  • Mapping and Analysis of allied/hostile/agnostic Stakeholders
  • 24/7 Management of critical relations with the media and/or third parties
  • Crisis Training and Simulations for Managers/Employees
  • Editing and Distribution of Positioning Statements
  • Crisis Committee Set-up and Management
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Internal Communication


  • Internal Audits/Assessment of Company’s Climate
  • Desk Analysis on Internal Communication Tools
  • Editorial Products (House Organs, Brochures, Leaflets)
  • Business TV for Training, Information and Motivation Purposes
  • Internal Communication Campaigns (on/offline)
  • Corporate Videos for Employees
  • Conventions (Team Building)
  • Incentive Programs for Agents/Sales Force
  • Contests for Employees
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Academy & Training


  • In house Training Courses for Top Managers or Groups
  • Spokepeople Training
  • Integrated Communication
  • The Communication Plan
  • Communicating through Events
  • Media Relations & PR
  • Internal Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Brainstorming
  • Alliance Building with Universities and/or single Academics
  • Digital Communication e Web 2.0
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Events & Marketing Communication



  • Events & Marketing Communication
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Street Attacks
  • Caused-Related Marketing
  • Contests
  • B2C Events
  • Territorial Marketing
  • WebTV and E-learning
  • E-card, animations and infographics creations
  • Corporate Videos and virtual tours
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Corporate Communication

corporate communication  


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Communication (CSR)
  • Coordinated Corporate Image and New Brands
  • Positioning and Mission
  • Corporate Media Relations
  • Editorial Products (Brochures, Leaflets, Invites)
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Web Intelligence & Reputation Management


reputation management

  • Analysis of online conversations and identification of the relevant keywords for a sector/market
  • Mapping of influencers and competitor benchmarking
  • Analysis of perception and management of online reputation

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Community Relations


reputation management

  • Aggregation and community management tools and strategies
  • scouting and mapping of the most influential communities for the target of a brand
  • creation of thematic portals and online communities

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