Personal Branding & CEO Activism

In recent years, the core skills of CEOs have expanded beyond financial capabilities. Today, the CEO is increasingly perceived as a brand ambassador and guarantor of corporate values.

In this respect, CEO Activism - on digital and traditional media - is a strategic opportunity to consolidate the reputation of the company in synergy with that of the individual Top Manager.

Personal Branding - not only for the CEO but also for the senior manager - has assumed growing centrality within integrated communication strategies. The spread of the use of social channels and multimedia tools leading to greater personalization of messages is also a major contributing factor.

We have gained solid experience in Personal Branding and CEO Activism through projects for several multinational companies and individual professionals. We always start with an assessment session to define objectives and sentiments and to identify key issues on which to build the Personal/ CEO Reputation.

Our Personal Branding activities include the search for news, trends, and ideas in the blogosphere and on traditional media, as well as the reporting of events and speaking platforms to be submitted to the manager.

In terms of tools and channels, we create flexible and foundational paths: starting from the management of LinkedIn profiles to personal media relations, from the construction of personalized sites/blogs to editorial products.

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