Internal Communication & Employee Engagement

Internal Communication goes beyond the need to manage the flow of information and knowledge sharing that can simplify and make the work routine within the company more efficient.

Its strategic value lies in being able to involve and motivate employees to obtain their greater satisfaction and increase their commitment and sense of belonging. Internal Relations have a strategic value for spreading the corporate culture, sharing and clarifying the objectives of the brand and, during organizational transformations, making each employee a participant in the change taking place.

Starting from a study of the company’s present state, we are able to develop and manage internal communication plans that integrate different tools and channels, including bottom-up approaches to enhance the opinions of their people and encourage them to contribute to the improvement of the company environment.

In the Media Mix each instrument has its own function:

  • Videos, infographics and animated tutorials to explain and motivate
  • Newsletters, intranet and blog articles to inform and promote Employer Branding
  • Digital toolkits to make employees Brand Ambassadors and encourage Employee Advocacy
  • Dedicated apps, events, and competitions, to engage, reward and consolidate relationships.

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