Influencer Marketing

Influencers play a central role in the ecosystem of marketing strategies.

In the 90s it was testimonials on TV and in print media, while today it is Content Creators who have the ability to sway public opinion and exert their influence on the purchasing power of the public, all thanks to the popularity they acquire on the web through direct and participatory communication on blogs or widely known social media platforms - mainly Instagram and TikTok.

This dynamic allows us to create a personal and lasting relationship between our customers, Influencers and their followers based on trust and not just through the mere purchase of posts. Our Influencer Marketing plans reach niche communities consisting of people with similar characteristics and common interests.

We help our customers select Influencers and Content Creators most in line with the message they want to convey to key audiences. We guide them in choosing the most effective marketing strategy, thus maximizing communication results on social networks and all platforms within the blogosphere.

We provide suitable briefs, supervise the creation of content and measure the performance of each operation. Transparency and qualitative-quantitative analysis of the various processes are the basis of all our operations.

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