CSR & Sustainability

Effective communication of Sustainability and CSR is a strategic element that is key for companies to build their reputation and drive their business. For this reason, we design and develop individual projects and ad hoc plans.

In strategic terms, we assist our customers with embarking on a "long-term journey" towards sustainability, starting from a check-up and analysis of relations with stakeholders, and then moving on to planning and building tools, activities and campaigns for internal or external communication.

The goal is to structure a communication plan to help companies become Benefit Companies or obtain B-Corp certification.

We guide our clients with assessing the three dimensions of Sustainability - environmental, social and governance (ESG) - in defining Stakeholder Engagement activities, selecting ESG objectives and the tools they intend to use to communicate and evaluate alliances with associations, organizations or other companies.

We are able to design training modules to help customers create the position of the Sustainability Communicator: a key figure to support the CSR Manager and who acts as a connecting element for the effective communication of the company as a responsible entity.

Communication of sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Lorenzo Brufani - CEO of Competence - also carries out training activities on Sustainability Communication for client companies and as a Master’s coordinator for the 24ore Business School.

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