Air of crisis

Since 1888, Spumador has manufactured bottled soft-drinks and mineral water.



Defend the brand reputation of Spumador, which was suddenly involved by the media in the Lehman Brothers scandal in 2008 due to its links with the holding company through an equity fund.


  • Transparency and timely reassurance
  • Central management of all internal/external key messages


  • Crisis Board with Spumador CEO and Lehman Brothers managers
  • Vulnerability analysis and definition of key messages
  • Immediate release of a letter to employees
  • Monitoring of news agencies for crisis media alerts
  • Release of a position statement to news agencies and local media
  • Direct management of interviews with local media with Q&As
  • Interview, with Lorenzo Brufani as spokesperson, with RAI channel
  • Press coverage and key messages analysis


Positive coverage on all local media (Como, Varese, Bergamo); crisis handled with no reactions from employees/trade unions.
Reputation defended in the National Economy media.