Skandia Day: an event for financial advisors

Skandia Vita


Organization of the first Skandia event for financial promoters – ten years after the introduction of the open platform in Italy – to raise brand awareness, while differentiating it from classic corporate events.


To use a TV format for the event, from a structural and style point of view, with some effective TV-inspired moments in order to:

  • keep audience attention high;
  • engage the audience;
  • communicate innovatively not only to loyal promoters, but also to prospective promoters;
  • use an easily implementable and replicable format.


  • Event format and design of main sketches
  • Advisory on general script: TG, Talk Show, One-to-one interviews, Focus Skandia, Quiz
  • Script and specific content drafting for TG
  • Production of video features
  • Advisory and Training for speakers
  • Coordination with client’s suppliers
  • Media Relations


Two Skandia Days:
May 8th in Milan, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, 400 attendees
May 14th in Rome, Villa Miani, 350 attendees

2 editions of TG Skandia, 8 videos in total
14 articles published on the event