Rugby as a metaphor for leadership and team spirit

Rugby as a metaphor for leadership and team spirit


To support Mellin Italia CEO, Alejandro Pinillos, in the drafting of a presentation on Leadership for an internal international meeting at Danone Group that included an internal contest among 4 countries.


From Theory to Action: turning the assigned theme of the presentation (the rugby world) into a real “team” moment where the CEO and frontline staff really “take the field” together with passion and pride.


Production of a 3 minute movie – filmed with a cinema cut – on a real rugby field with the CEO acting as the captain/player who has to motivate his depressed team in the locker room. The coach’s leadership and strategic vision allow the team to take the field with a new spirit, pushing their captain to score a try.


Great team spirit and enthusiasm of the Mellin Direction Board during the shooting.
The CEO was successful at the international presentation thanks to the creativity and energy delivered by the movie.