Gi Group, Media Relations 2007-2015

Gi Group


To construct and build the reputation of Gi Group – born between 2007 and 2008 from the merger of WorkNet and General Industrielle – with regards to the media, both on a national and local level, and the sector as part of its drive for internal growth within the Italian market and gradual internationalization.


Competence has built a real partnership relationship with the Communication and Marketing Department of Gi Group over the years. From 2007 to 2015, it acted as communication and media relations consultancy, including the crisis communication for the recruitment agency (all of the specialized and territory divisions), the positioning and validation of the CEO, Stefano Colli-Lanzi, the validation and visibility of the companies within the Group: OD&M Consulting, INTOO, WYSER, EXS, ASSET Management.


  • Periodic meetings with the management in order to define the communication strategies/priorities
  • Continuous coordination of the various company, division and partner organization referents in order to gather information and to convey it externally
  • Continuous consultancy and operative support in the definition of storytelling and key messages to transfer to the press through a precise schedule of releases/dossier/case histories
  • Continuous consultancy and support in the organization of press events
  • Continuous management of relations and of the requests coming from the target media along with gradual involvement of new media useful for the strategic positioning of the Group based on the conveyed projects/news
  • Organization and management of dedicated activated media, such as press previews, one-to-one interviews, partnerships, press briefings and media lunches and relations with the main economic and business publications


In 2015 alone, Competence obtained 752 articles on the group, 397 of which on solely Gi Group, the others on the single companies.
The generated coverage – for an approximate total of 5000 articles over the years – has annually been made up of: 20% presence in national economic and general press, 5% on the radio and TV, 15% in local press, 60% of online publications and press agencies.