Managers on the Network

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. In 2009, it had around 47 million members, 11 million of which within Europe and approximately 800K of those in Italy.



To maximize the visibility of the network.


  • Media monitoring of the scenario (social networks)
  • Media alerts (news on press, blog, portals)
  • News releases with trends and success stories
  • Networking with LinkedIn groups (Innovators, etc.)
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Alliances with Business Schools/Associations/Companies
  • European contest - LinkedIn Business Awards
  • A special DEM-owned platform was used to manage “interactive” press releases, through which it was possible to view and download: menus with links and photos, videos, sites, PDF video news releases or animated press releases, delivery of light files (links and no spam), measuring of online results