Women as ambassadors of a healthy diet

The hectic pace of modern life has been increasingly influencing the way that people eat. Many risk skipping breakfast and snacks, arriving hungry at dinner after an all-too-short lunch break. In order to re-educate people on the 3+2 formula – three main meals plus a morning and afternoon snack – Kellogg's Italy launched the third edition of the educational campaign “Discover the good side of Snacks”, a project dedicated to promoting a culture of healthy eating and educating consumers on the benefits of two “hunger-fighting” snacks a day.



  • Raise the visibility of the educational campaign “Discover the good side of Snacks”
  • Involve the most important wellness and women’s magazine journalists alongside those from magazines aimed at mothers and children.
  • Highlight the importance of women’s role as ambassadors of a healthy diet within families


Involving Tier One journalists (wellness and women’s magazines) in a Talk Show dedicated to the well-being of women and families moderated by Radio 24 journalist Nicoletta Carbone, with the participation of: Maria Antonia Fusco, ADI Foundation Nutrition Expert; Gianna Schelotto, journalist, writer and psychotherapist; Maria Rita Munizzi, Moige (Italian Parents Movement) National President, and Lucia Galluzzi, Kellogg's Italy Nutrition and Corporate Affairs Director.


  • Developing the event concept
  • Choosing the speakers
  • Customizing and preparing the event location
  • Defining the speech outlines for the Speakers and moderator
  • Sending event invitations to selected Tier One members of the press; recall activity
  • Editing of press kit contents with story angles for women, wellness and moms’/kids’ magazines
  • Organizing interviews during and after the event with experts invited by Kellogg's Italy
  • Final qualitative and quantitative evaluation of media coverage


27 articles – 19 of which on Tier One Media.
Media coverage economic evaluation: offline media impressions equivalent to 11,882,500, while online media impressions equivalent to 14,905,000.