The correct integration of nutrition

The correct integration of nutrition


To sustain more distinct and modern corporate communication with the mums and babies (6/12y.o.) target of Multicentrum Junior compared to that of the competitor, Supradyn (Bayer).


  • Educational campaign on Correct Alimentary Integration
  • Alliance between MJ and ADI (The Italian Dietary and Nutrition Clinics Association)
  • Online PR activity (site/contest) with Offline PR (Pharmacies/Pediatrics)


  • Conceptualization and development of the "Learning through Integration" Campaign for Multicentrum Junior: with a year’s worth of biological fruit and vegetables up for grabs (instant win in pharmacy)
  • ADI/MJ Guide on healthy diets and correct integration of nutrition distributed by 8,000 pharmacies and 6,000 pediatrics + Convegno ADI approx
  • Drafting of the Integrazione Alimentare Testate Mondadori (practical advice)
  • Educational Campaign on the website including data sheets, tests, quizzes and videos
  • “Multicentrum Junior” Project Work at the Sole24Ore Master