The image of Tripadvisor on social channels

The image of Tripadvisor on social channels


To promote the image of TripAdvisor on social channels by interacting with fans, followers and blog-readers.


In line with the institutional communication, the editorial plan on social channels is based on galleries, opinion polls and posts extrapolated from press releases and provides for the daily creation of ad hoc content for Facebook and Twitter, along with the creation of a weekly blog post. Competence, moreover, handles the monitoring of the pages and the social profiles of TripAdvisor in coordination with the TripAdvisor Italia team.


  • Conceptualization and production of editorial plans for social channels
  • Social Media Strategy Consulting
  • Online Influencers and stakeholders mapping
  • Online monitoring


  • Publication of daily Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Publication of weekly blog posts
  • Increase in fanbase and interactions on all social channels, in particular: Facebook (+70% YoY), Twitter (+30% YoY)