The launch of a startup

The launch of a startup


To communicate the AMYKO brand, bracelets with NFC technology capable of sharing medical and health information with smartphones and tablets in cases of emergency, born from an Italian startup.
To promote the trial of the smartband among journalists and influencers and to sustain the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.


Competence decided to develop different story angles with which to approach the various targets (economy, tech, lifestyle, family and travel) in order to obtain a vast reach.


Stories which enhance the varied aspects of the startup were created and developed through dedicated press releases and pitches.
Several 1to1 interviews were organized and dedicated media opportunities were developed.
Moreover, a product review activity was conducted.


More than 90 articles generated on the various review publications, 13 of which daily nationals, 5 press agencies, 7 business publications, 28 articles in TECH, 15 interviews carried out and a dedicated section on TG5.