Merger and crisis management

Merger and crisis management

IES- Italiana Energia & Servizi is an integrated oil company working in the energy sector. In 2007, it was acquired by the Hungarian group, MOL, which took over ownership from the Vannucci family. The IES refinery, in Mantua, processed 2.6 million tonnes of crude oil per year, produced auto-traction products, bitumen and had a lubricant range called Nuvolari.



  • Manage critical relations with local media (due to pollution) and local institutions strongly opposing the presence of the refinery
  • Reinforce the brand reputation on local and national media, positioning the company as an Italian low-cost alternative and an engine for development and culture
  • Effectively communicating the merger with the Hungarian group, MOL


  • Design and management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan based on four pillars: art/culture, sports, social and environment
  • Support in the organization of community relations activities/events with local communities: Mayor/Mantua Municipality, schools, sponsorships
  • Crisis media relations to manage media attacks at a local level
  • Business media relations at a national level to positively communicate the merger, highlighting the youth and dynamism of the new managers