Harmonium Pharma


Through the online community Diabetiamoci.it, Competence supports Harmonium Pharma in:

  • Confirming the business strategy and reinforcing the brand reputation of Harmonium Pharma
  • Spreading the “Diabetiamoci” concept online, live appointment format
  • Growing the contact database with careful profiling


  • To exploit the increase in online conversations for the design of new products/services by the users
  • To use the relations with influencers (experts, Patient Associations, bloggers, etc.) to give visibility to the portal and improve the reputation
  • Link the content of the community to Harmonium Pharma social channels for efficient promotion


Sharing and pushing of the following rubrics to generate debate and engagement:

  • TIME FOR YOU WITH THE EXPERT: experts and specialists available to give suggestions to the community
  • THE COMMUNITY TALKS: space for the opinions and discussions of subscribers
  • BON IPOAPPETITE: low GI video-recipes
  • LOYALTY PROGRAM: rewards for the subscribers who actively participate in the community


  • 593 subscribers, 7343 page views, 15 articles obtained in medical, general and marketing press
  • Alliance with the ANDIAMO Association and the Chount.it portal
  • Involvement of influencers/experts