Defense of Brand reputation



To support the brand reputation of TripAdvisor, highlighting the reliability of the site and its content and defending TripAdvisor from external attacks.


To create alliances with influencers and stakeholders to avoid potential attacks coming from them and to receive their support from external offensives.
To show the validity of TripAdvisor content through a press trip.
To respond to attacks punctually, through the drafting of statements based on the key messages in order to ensure balanced articles.


  • Alliance building with trade associations
  • Press trip with to allow the journalist to compare the personal experience with the content of TripAdvisor reviews
  • Drafting of ad hoc statements


Partnership with two of the most important trade associations (Confindustria Alberghi and FIPE).
Publication of a dedicated article on focusing on a comparison between the TripAdvisor review and the experience of the journalist during the press trip. Publication of TripAdvisor statements in more than 75% of articles that discussed the reliability of the site.