“Great Together” Convention 2012

“Great Together” Convention 2012

Mellin is part of the Baby Nutrition Food division of Danone Group, together with the brands, Milupa and Aptamil.



To set up a new format that could, in an effective and inclusive manner, convey the company objectives for 2012 and simultaneously foster the team spirit within Danone Group to enable the different corporate units to co-exist.


Development of the “Great together” concept, which turned into the convention logo with the aim of imparting the emotional values within the creative concept.


  • Design of the convention logo and image
  • Production of walk-in video
  • Global coordination of texts and contents
  • Convention logistics and set-up in Antalya (Turkey)


Approval rate on actions performed higher than 90%. Results were gathered via a questionnaire distributed to all 350 participants.