Business intelligence for Kiko

The output of the study consists of a detailed report which highlights levels of critical situations, the main sources of mentions, the main sources of criticism, sites/blogs/online magazines/communities in which the family of keywords of the study are discussed. The collected data are elaborated by semantic algorithms which classify all of the uses of the keywords in relation to their level of criticality (positive/negative/neutral). In this way, a screening of perception is obtained around each family of products. In relation to the benchmark, the gathered data are processed in an analogous and homogenous manner so as to be comparable. The final report is made up of a synthesis with a precise contrast between the situation of the Brand and that of the Competitors that have been analyzed, in terms of quantity of mentions, visibility and reputation/perception.



To measure the online presence of the Brand, evaluating efficiency in terms of Visibility, Traffic and Social Engagement. To analyze the online perception so as to sketch the evolution of the reputational story, levels of critical situations/hostility, and to identify potential sources of crisis. To activate a benchmark between the brand and its main competitors.