Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Competence believes that ethical behavior on both a personal and professional level is fundamental to gaining and maintaining the trust of the public as well as the integrity of the individual. Although we are a company based in Italy, our international approach has prompted us to adhere to the principles adopted by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). The Code of Ethics for all Competence professionals is as follows:

  • INTEGRITY - We will act with honesty and integrity at all times to ensure and maintain the trust of those with whom we work.
  • PRECISION - We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the truthfulness and correctness of all information that is disseminated.
  • DIALOGUE - We will seek to establish moral, cultural and intellectual conditions to promote dialogue and recognize the rights of all parties involved to express their views.
  • TRANSPARENCY - We will be open and transparent in stating the names, organizations and interests that each colleague and, if appropriate, each client represent.
  • CONFLICT - We will avoid any conflict of interest and if it occurs we invite those who become aware of it to communicate it to the interested parties.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - We will honor confidential information provided by and for client companies and will abide by all stated or implied confidentiality agreements.
  • FALSEHOOD - We will not intentionally disclose false or misleading information, encouraging customers to exercise caution to avoid the inadvertent disclosure of false or misleading information, and taking immediate corrective measures if such information is disclosed.
  • DECEIT - We will not obtain information through deceptive or dishonest methods.
  • DISCLOSURE - We will not create or use any organization for a stated purpose that actually serves undisclosed interests.
  • PROFIT - We will not sell copies of documents from public authorities to third parties for profit.
  • REMUNERATION – When providing professional services, we will not accept any form of payment in relation to the services from anyone other than the principal subject with whom the contract has been entered into.
  • INCENTIVE - We will not provide, or give directly or indirectly, financial or other forms of remuneration to public representatives, the media and other interested parties.
  • INFLUENCE - We will not propose or take any action that could have improper an influence on the government, media or other stakeholders.
  • BUSINESS SUBTRACTION - We will not try to steal another operator's customers by deceptive means.
  • OCCUPATION - When we hire people from public administration or competitors, we will make sure that the rules and confidentiality requirements of those organizations are respected.